Celebrate one year dating anniversary

Since most balloons go out in the morning hours, plan a special romantic breakfast to eat while flying over some beautiful country.18. Conjuring up these old memories will fill you both with sentimental feelings of bygone love, and lead you to a future filled with years of love.23.Take classes together, starting on the day of your anniversary. No matter what day your anniversary falls on, you can plan a special weekend get-a-way close to the actual date.

This special day in bed can be a time for deeper connections to be formed.4.

If viewing the sunrise is not something you would do, think about staying in bed for the day.

Prepare a special breakfast together and then crawl back in bed to eat.

Ditch your usual takeout options and cook up your favorite meal together, or order in from your favorite upscale restaurant.

You won't need to leave the house (or the bedroom) for an anniversary to remember.

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