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He's a confident character and no girls, if you're writing the perfect guy you wouldn't write him as some manic depressive weirdo who's trying to kill himself all the time - whatever his six pack is like. Catherine got me a copy of the book with every instance that he smiled highlighted and I was just like, "Okay, fine."Page 2: Chemistry with Kristen Stewart, Marriage Proposals, Midnight Sun, and Sucking at Baseball Stephenie Meyer wrote , or started to anyway, from Edward's point of view. But then you read that first chapter in where the full extent of how much he wanted to kill her, and how he's considering killing the entire school just so that he can kill her, becomes evident. So that it'd suddenly be like, "You won't do anything to me, will you? I think it makes it sexier if there's a very real chance of him just flipping out and killing her.

Did she share any of that with you when you talked about character? You and Kristen have a great chemistry, but you also have great chemistry with your family in the film.

Rumored couple and former 'Harry Potter' co-stars reunited at the 2018 Golden Globes.

After dating Kristen Stewart for a couple of years, Robert Pattinson seems to have fallen in love with another co-star – and that is Emma Watson whom he has worked with in the series. K Rowling movie adaptation were thrilled to see the stars who played Hermione Granger and Cedric Diggory reunite at the 2018 Golden Globes where they presented an award.

It was the first time that I ever really got into characterization, trying to work on movements. I've never related to a character more than him, which is really weird because everyone thinks that he's some nut job.

There was a photo of him pointing and I kept trying to figure out how he pointed for like three days. When he was younger, if you read his autobiographical stuff – he wrote three autobiographies which completely contradict each other.

He wanted that, but it's so funny how he was so much more than just this bizarre clown that he was at the end of his life who only cared about money.

He was this chronically shy kid when he was younger.

So it's really not playing Dali, per se, apart from towards the end of it -- and I'm still not really playing him. I just researched tons and tons of stuff because everyone spoke Spanish on the set and so I just read all day. Someone said to me the other day, "I had no idea it was about Dali until you had the mustache at the end." I was just like, "Oh, great." I think it's a kind of homage to him, I guess, in that performance.

author Stephenie Meyer over Edward, would engage in intense conversations with Stewart over the relationship between Edward and Bella, and even would stop in the middle of scenes to question director Catherine Hardwicke over exactly how a line should be delivered.

and afterwards every move the actor made was scrutinized and reported on by fansites and celebrity magazines.

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