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Indirect bullying is more subtle and more likely to be verbal, such as the silent treatment, arguing others into submission, manipulation, gossip, staring, and mocking.While women can be as aggressive or even more aggressive then men (gender differences in aggression are subject to review; human society is too complex and direct project from animal world for example from great apes is of limited value) they usually are more indirect.Companies can develop corporate psychosis, corporate narcissism (ref, for example, Enron or Worldcom) or their own brand of Lysenkoism.As being a bully is typical for all types of corporate psychopath this category, in general, does not bring you to any deeper understanding of the problem you face.Aggression in inherent in psychopath and to tell that a psychopath is a bully is just to tell that the water is wet.But for some of them this pattern of behavior serves as the most favorite tactics and they tend to use it more often and more systematically.Here is one type from popular literature that fits the pattern: Simplifying you can assume that most "classic types" of corporate psychopaths are simultaneously bullies.

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Study after study in psychology proves that people draw a perverse strength from the group and will do in a group what they would never do alone.Thus, without the green flag there is little room for the bully boss and it is she or him that must prepare to leave the organization as opposed to the victim of the bullying.Often bulling behavior is combined with paranoia tendencies (paranoiac self-defense). I would like to stress it again that aggression in inherent in psychopath and to tell that a psychopath is a bully is just to tell that the water is wet.Those psychopaths have a distinct a tendency toward sadism and derive perverse gratification from humiliating and/or psychologically hurting and sometimes physically harming others. They do it for a sense of power and control, and will often only drop subtle hints about what they are up to.That like physical abuse can let scars, in the form of PTSD.

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