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The apostle whose wrath had been kindled at the unbelief of the Samaritans, was the first to receive these Samaritans as brethren [Luke , Acts ].He probably remained at Jerusalem until the assumption of the Virgin, though tradition of no great antiquity or weight asserts that he took her to Ephesus. He was at Jerusalem fifteen years after Saint Paul's first visit there [Acts 15:6].Saint John the Divine as the son of Zebedee, and his mother's name was Salome [Matthew , ; Mark , 16:1]. The brother of Saint John, probably considerably older, was Saint James.The mention of the "hired men" [Mark ], and of Saint John's "home" [John ], implies that the condition of Salome and her children was not one of great poverty. John and James followed the Baptist when he preached repentance in the wilderness of Jordan. He bade them come and see, and they stayed with him all day.Irenaeus says that Saint John did not settle at Ephesus until after the death SS. He certainly as not there when Saint Timothy was appointed bishop of that place.Saint Jerome says that he supervised and governed all the Churches of Asia.

continue reading More Christian Saints & Heroes Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.The last words of the Gospel reveal the attachment which existed between the two apostles.It was not enough for Peter to know his own fate, he must learn also something of the future that awaited his friend.There can be little doubt that the two disciples, whom Saint John does not name (John ), who looked on Jesus "as he walked," when the Baptist exclaimed with prophetic perception, "Behold the Lamb of God! Of the subject of conversation that took place in this interview no record has come to us, but it was probably the starting-point of the entire devotion of heart and soul which lasted through the life of the Beloved Apostle.John apparently followed his new Master to Galilee, and was with him at the marriage feast of Cana, journeyed with him to Capernaum, and thenceforth never left him, save when sent on the missionary expedition with another, invested with the power of healing.

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