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This spring marks the 24th year of the Archive for Sexology, which I founded in 1994 in Berlin as a sub-unit of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

This Archive contained both electronic and printed materials.

The idea that a single individual runs, at his own expense, a large, free scientific web site in 15 languages is simply inconceivable to “regular” sponsors.

Given the enormous weight, indeed dominance, of even backward “regular” institutions, the deck is stacked against “irregular“ individual innovators.

my books, journals, and collections) to the university’s central library, where it is now open to researchers as the “”. I know that the two Chinese versions of my “open access” online courses (MOOCs) are being used for the training of sex educators in the VR China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but I am unaware of their use in other countries of Asia, North and South America or Europe.

Starting in 2006, I took my self-financed online Archive to my private apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, where I worked on it until 2013, when I moved it to my present residence in Freiburg Br. It is, however, entirely possible that all sorts of people anywhere in the world use them without telling me about it.

It is still by far the largest and the best in our field.Before, it registered over 3 million hits and more than 130 000 visits per month.Now both of these numbers are so small as to be insignificant, and this in spite of the fact that the Archive has continued to grow and is offering its information in even more languages.After my retirement from government service in 2001, it was housed in a large office building of Humboldt University in Berlin-Pankow.In 2004, I donated the printed part of my Archive (i.e.

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